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Ethical AI for Lawyers

w/ Ryan Groff (Casetext) and Barbara Taylor (DLA Piper), November 14th, 12:20-1:20, Austin Hall 100 Classroom North – REGISTER HERE

robot hands touching the scales of justiceRyan Groff and Barbara Taylor lead this session on Ethical AI based on a new CLE requirement for lawyers at DLA Piper, designed in collaboration with Casetext. Between “robot lawyers” and sanctions from judges for misuse of AI, it can be hard to navigate this powerful new tool. At this workshop you will learn about real, trustworthy applications of generative AI, including legal research, document review, and contract analysis.  Learn how to distinguish between responsible and irresponsible uses of AI and discern how to apply existing legal ethics requirements to generative AI.  Space is limited so REGISTER today! Lunch will be provided. This event is for HLS students only.

Money Matters

w/ Professor Norm Champ, November 2nd, 12:20-1:20, Langdell 232/3 – REGISTER HERE

Back by popular demand, Professor Norm Champ returns for a timely discussion of the effects of inflation on your financial outlook. With interest rates at an all time high, should you consider investing in a car or home or is it better to rent and wait it out? Will inflation ever ‘come back down’ and what are the mechanisms driving it? And with credit card debt at an all time high, what should be the primary focus of your financial planning at this stage in your life? Bring your questions to a lunchtime discussion about the current financial realities affecting your life and plans. All registered attendees will receive a free copy of Norm’s book, Mastering Money. This event is for HLS students only.

Space is limited so REGISTER today! Lunch will be provided.

Difficult Conversations: Exploring the Role of Power in Everyday Conversations

w/ Professors Sheila Heen & Rachel Viscomi, November 6th, 5-6:30pm, Langdell 232/3 – REGISTER HERE

Most people conceive of power in terms of dominance, where one either has it or does not. But in the skillful hands of Sheila Heen (co-author of Difficult Conversations) and Rachel Viscomi (Director of the Negotiation and Mediation Clinic), you’ll learn to understand power as a more fluid concept that is context dependent. This workshop will focus on everyday scenarios that challenge a zero-sum understanding of power and teach how to identify the predictable mistakes and blind spots that often impede us when navigating relationships – both personal and professional. You’ll walk away with a set of strategies for maintaining and wielding your own power as you maneuver through the often opaque terrain of daily life. Lunch will be provided.

Limited space, so please REGISTER in advance. Registered attendees will receive a free copy of the newly published and significantly revised 3rd edition of Difficult Conversations.  This event is for HLS students only.

Coming Soon!

Workshops on preparing case reviews, upping your presentation game in the courtroom and beyond, personal finance, and more!

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Past Events

Jazz Night in Langdell – Fundamentals of the Music

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Cosimo Fabrizio (JD 25) & Shaan Pandiri (JD 26), October 5th, 6:00-7pm, Langdell Reading Room, REGISTER HERE

Hosted by HLS student musicians Cosimo Fabrizio (JD 25) and Shaan Pandiri (JD 26), the first (that we know of) Jazz Night in Langdell will combine the musical stylings of your fellow students (w/ possible cameo sit-ins by musically inclined faculty) and the jazz education you know you’ve been missing. Come join us and gain a deeper understanding of jazz through the selected works of greats like Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, and John Coltrane. What’s not to love?

A variety of cozy seasonal snacks and beverages will be on hand. Please Register for catering purposes. This event is for the HLS community  only.


And What do you DO? Reimagining Work & Identity

Joy Batra, JD/MBA ’14, October  30th, 12:20-1:20pm, Langdell 232/3

October 11th session is now full but there are spaces in the October 30th session. Please REGISTER HERE

Our jobs have long been seen as the path to social standing and security. The question “what do you do?” is shorthand not only for your job title and social status, but what your commitments are, how you spend your days, and where you fit in the community landscape. But presenting yourself and valuing yourself only in these narrow terms can short circuit our sense of self and even circumscribe our capacity to imagine expanding what ‘counts’ when we pose the better question “Who are you?” Separating your identity from your profession is associated with more resilience, self-esteem, and, yes, better performance at work. In this hour-long interactive session, we’ll explore what emerges when your ‘side-hustles’ and ‘outside interests’ are made as central to your sense of self as ‘what you do for a living’. HLS alum Joy Batra (14) author of The Freelance Mindset, will engage you in the process of drafting a more comprehensive ‘elevator pitch’ answer to the age-old question about what you DO that includes more of who you ARE. All registrants will receive a copy of Joy’s book.

This event is for HLS Students only.  Limited space, so please REGISTER in advance w/ dietary restrictions. Lunch will be provided.


Swimming in a Sea of Invisible Waves

Sarah Newman (metalab), October 24th, 12:20-1:20pm, Langdell 232/3 – REGISTER HERE

Image of cityscape with radio waves superimposed

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if we could see the information that moves invisibly around us via wifi, cellular, and satellite? Most of us take for granted the basic functioning of our electronics and the modes of transmission used to move the massive amounts of information that support our daily lives, economy, and tech development in the 21st century.  If you want to clear up some of your own misconceptions about how things really work, come meet the team behind metalab’s Swimming in a Sea of Invisible Waves for an engaging afternoon of discussion and interaction as they share some of the creations that have emerged from this multimodal project.  Part art, part science communication, part public engagement, Sarah Newman and her team have sought to understand, demystify, and create designs to visualize the various radio frequency technologies (wifi, cellular, bluetooth, and satellite) that provide the scaffolding for 21st century information and communication technologies. This event is for HLS ID holder only.  Limited space, so please REGISTER in advance w/ dietary restrictions. Lunch will be provided

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