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Jazz Night in Langdell – Fundamentals of the Music

Cosimo Fabrizio (JD 25) & Shaan Pandiri (JD 26), October 5th, 6:00-7pm, Langdell Reading Room, REGISTER HERE

Graphic image of jazz musicians playing instruments on stageHosted by HLS student musicians Cosimo Fabrizio (JD 25) and Shaan Pandiri (JD 26), the first (that we know of) Jazz Night in Langdell will combine the musical stylings of your fellow students (w/ possible cameo sit-ins by musically inclined faculty) and the jazz education you know you’ve been missing. Come join us and gain a deeper understanding of jazz through the selected works of greats like Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, and John Coltrane. What’s not to love?

A variety of cozy seasonal snacks and beverages will be on hand. Please Register for catering purposes. This event is for the HLS community  only.


And What do you DO? Reimagining Work & Identity

Joy Batra, JD/MBA ’14, October 11th, 12:20-1:20pm, Langdell 232/3, REGISTER HERE

Our jobs have long been seen as the path to social standing and security. The question “what do you do?” is shorthand not only for your job title and social status, but what your commitments are, how you spend your days, and where you fit in the community landscape. But presenting yourself and valuing yourself only in these narrow terms can short circuit our sense of self and even circumscribe our capacity to imagine expanding what ‘counts’ when we pose the better question “Who are you?” Separating your identity from your profession is associated with more resilience, self-esteem, and, yes, better performance at work. In this hour-long interactive session, we’ll explore what emerges when your ‘side-hustles’ and ‘outside interests’ are made as central to your sense of self as ‘what you do for a living’. HLS alum Joy Batra (14) author of The Freelance Mindset, will engage you in the process of drafting a more comprehensive ‘elevator pitch’ answer to the age-old question about what you DO that includes more of who you ARE. All registrants will receive a copy of Joy’s book.

This event is for HLS Students only.  Limited space, so please REGISTER in advance w/ dietary restrictions. Lunch will be provided.

Coming Soon!

Workshops on preparing case reviews, upping your presentation game in the courtroom and beyond, navigating power differentials in work and life,  personal finance, and more!

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